Inside Every Mother, there is a Dancing Queen

February 3, 2019

It’s school time. This is a bittersweet week for many Mums across the state (and country). 


Children are going back to school after the long summer break. 


Everyone is smiling. 

Everyone is happy. 

This is a utopian moment of the school year. 


Kids are eager to explore and grow. The anticipation of a new school year electrifies the air. 


Kids running off “Bye Mum” without even so much of a glance back. 

Some timid. 

Some holding onto Mum for dear life. 

Mums peeping through door cracks to watch their little ones settle into their newfound freedom and witness their first school moment. 


Some kids are yearning to learn – or not. Best bit. To see and hang out with their friends 


For many it’s a welcome reprieve. Especially if you’ve been suffering from holiday fatigue. Tired of the holidays. It’s a thing. Kids are bored. Mums are over playing social director and time filler. The novelty has well and truly worn off. 


Letting Go 


School time can be the epitome of the letting go process. The dance of motherhood of loving, nurturing and guiding and then letting go. 


A time when you’ve done “the work” and now it’s their “moment” for them to find their own way amongst it. There can be mixed feelings around this. 


Mums in fulltime work can let go of the inner angst of having to be at work, knowing their kids are at home spending “god only knows how much time” on their devices. Or the anticipation of not knowing what state they’ll find their house in when they get home. 


Even the financial pressure of day care or holiday care can feel cringe worthy. 


This is the dance we shuffle through between work and family. 

Two steps forward, one step back. It can at times, for a working Mum, generate a lot of inner guilt. And there’s nothing heavier than mothers’ guilt. 


This is why I believe there’s a dancing queen in every Mum. Simply for this reason. Mothers guilt is something we don’t need to hold onto. You can dance it out. 


This also comes with a sigh of relief. 


A time to find the inner Rhythm 


I promised myself this year, I’d see my routine of running a business and family responsibilities as a dance. The pick-ups, the drops off, the sport, the tutoring, and the homework. It can be a lot to manage. 


I know I am not alone when I say this. I'm tired of feeling torn between work and family. It’s not productive. Nor empowering. 


My kids have all of me. It comes with the territory. 


However, I'm feeling the need to move the boundary a little to include a bit more “me” time. I work. I’m owing it. My kids are better off for it. 


Unexpected things will and do crop up from time to time. And at the worst possible time. This is the dance. The off-beat. There will always be competing factors. I needn’t feel guilty for this. And I choose not to. 


Falling back into the rhythms of my dance, the beat of my drum has become easier. I've owned my working life for what it is. It fulfils me in ways motherhood can’t. 


First-week transition 


Starting school for the first time can trigger anxiety for mums and kids alike. It’s a such a huge transition for everyone, especially in that first week. 


Kids move from days at the beach, playing and hanging out with their "games". Teenagers sleep into lunchtime. Now it’s time to get up early, organized - with a brain wired for learning. 


By the end of the day, it can be exhausting. 


Some schools start swimming lessons within the first few weeks. If your bambino comes home having used up all his good behaviour points for school. This is why. 


School Transition - - Find our Rhythm. 


Allison Davies, a neurologic music therapist and brain care specialist, talks about child behaviour. Over the top emotional reactions and tantrums can result of an overstimulated brain. This is true not only for kids – mums too. 


Going back to school can be a shock for some children. They’re having to use their brains a lot. For Math, English, Spelling, Art, and even learning how to tie up their shoelaces– the list goes on. Whether they are homeschooled or not. Our kids’ brains can only take in so much, and then things can go a little pear-shaped. Showing you in no uncertain terms they've had enough. 


School is very sensory. There’s a lot going on. Sometimes negative behavior can result due to over stimulus and nothing but this. A lot of what Allison’s work is all about. 


Staying Calm 


Allison believes that music, singing and dancing is a perfect way for kids and mums alike to find a sense of emotional regulation. Music can calm and center the central nervous system. 


To calm the nerves, ease the mind and body. I found music (getting technical here) that resonates at a beat of 432 hertz will help with this. This is a natural harmonic tone. 


The beat helps the mind to let go. It allows it to settle into a meditative state. It rejuvenates the body and calms as the same time. An excellent reprieve for Mums and kids alike if there’s an air of any anxiety or tiredness. Relaxing and regrouping is everything. Avoiding the home time meltdown. 


Please give this a try. Many kids save all their good behavior for school and then meltdown at the sight of Mum. Seen more so in the first weeks of school. This can bring a welcome break for everyone. A calm influence. 


Side note: The best harmonic music I’ve found is OmHarmonics. 


Slave to the Rhythm 


Setting up ways that are harmonious for your family and most importantly to yourself. It's advantageous. Avoiding that dreaded after school witching hour. We can own it. 


Find your rhythm. For you and your kids. The quick step. The fox trot – the beat and sound of your own drum. Make this school juggle a time where you can bust out your own moves. 


While some of us have set times, we must work, and there’s not a lot of wiggle room in the schedule. This is a way we can waltz into this next year. 


Like the song goes – You are the dancing queen … see that girl watch that scene dig in the dancing queen. 


See you on the dance floor.



Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Therapist, working from her gorgeous garden clinic nestled within the Perth Hills. From a young child, you’d find Tracy making daisy chains in the far corner of her garden. If she’s not in her clinic, you’ll still see her spending time in her garden soaking up all the flowery vibes. 


Tracy uses a unique combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, ITA, Flower Essence and Mineral Therapy. Attuning to all aspects of any issue. Treating body, mind and spirit helping one move from a state of crisis, confusion or pain to a state of wholeness. 


Follow her on InstagramFacebook, or visit 

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