How Do You Know?

March 6, 2018


You know when you've been sold.


You fall in love, you know it's the one, it meets your needs, it even satisfies your unmet and unidentified needs.


That's exactly what a great salesperson does; they help you to make decisions. They find out exactly what you need, then give you a firm recommendation when it matters.


There's just something about someone who's enthusiastic about what they do. That's called product knowledge. It's incredible when people know what to do in every situation. That's call product experience. And then there's those that do it all in the right order, making the hard easy, and that's called customer experience.


If you never want to have to prospect again then care for the customer, focus on the experience you provide, be so good at what you do that others can't help but talk about you. 



Lisa Newman, is the host of Story Selling and the creator behind the successful selling programme the Hot Spot System.You can find out more at

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