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Boss Bulletins 

Hosted By: Demelza Leonard


The Founder & General Manager of Boss Mode Radio, Demelza puts her Journalism background to use as the News Reader of Boss Mode Radio's Boss Bulletins. Weekly Bulletins airing hourly sharing small business news and good news stories.  

The Modern Day Woman Show

Hosted By: Jennifer MacMahon

Monday 10am (1pm EST) / Tuesday 7am (10am EST) / Thursday 2pm (5pm EST)


Join Jennifer MacMahon as she speaks to Women breaking traditional stereotypes and who work on their multiple identities. 


Inspirational Leaders

Hosted By: Ilsé Strauss

Monday 7am (10am EST)/ Tuesday 5pm (8pm EST) / Thursday 10am  (1 pm EST)

In 2001 Ilsé Strauss was the first female to make history and lead her team to break industry sales records that paved the way for others to follow. She has since become an in demand Leadership trainer and inspirational and well regarded Business Woman.


She is the creator of the world's only Recognised Human Behavioural Based Leadership Program which specialises in transformation skills exclusively for business leaders. Ilse has extensive Human Behavioural training skills and is one of the only 4 people in the world recognised as achieving Level IV competencies as a Professional Coaching. She is well known for her dynamic and breakthrough facilitation for business leaders and has a passion for working with highly entrepreneurial leaders

Ilsé hosts Inspirational Leaders a show designed to help you Lead no matter what industry or role you hold. 

The Conscious Creator

Hosted By: Donna Preedy

Wednesday 2pm (5pm EST)/ Friday 7am (10am EST) / Sunday 10am (1pm EST)


Donna hosts an online coaching business that helps professionals gain clarity and clear stress. This is done using her unique blend of the world most magnificent transformational methods to clear the past blocks and help people create a future that’s in alignment with who they are

She has devoted a huge amount of time to understanding how the mind works and what to do to help people break through their challenges. This includes currently facilitating the work of Dr John Demartini, Psyck-k facilitator, reiki master and currently completing Cognitive Neuroscience and Health Psychology at Murdoch University

Donna’s unique gift is getting to the core of what’s really happening below the surface within people's lives. Being able to pinpoint exactly what’s keeping people stuck, then knowing exactly how to help them transform this, specifically showing others the way to create a life and business way beyond where they’re at right now.

Propel Mode  - Student Show

Hosted By: Caitlin Paroczai

Monday 7pm (11pm EST)/ Wednesday 7pm (10pm EST) 

Propel Mode is a student show created by student's covering topics, issues and conversations high school and tertiary students face daily. Covering everything from life after study, careers, entrepreneurship, local student projects and local student bands. 


Caitlin is a third-year Media and Communications student at The University of Western Australia. With interests in broadcast journalism and communications, she is a big lover of the arts, writing and public speaking.


Working with Perth media personalities and organisations, including Radio Broadcaster, Heidi Anderson from Perth’s Hit929, Startup News and Impact Seed, she has developed skills in journalism and marketing. 


Lunch Break With Yohan

Hosted By: Yohan Vales De Menzes

Returning Soon


Yohan brings to the station radio hosting experience at both regional and metro radio stations. He also has over 10 years of sales experience working with small business owners right through to multi-million dollar oil & gas projects. 

This along with his experience in running a a successful small family owned business makes Yohan the perfect host for a lunch request programme for businesses, bloggers & bosses. 


Fusion Biz Babes presents Raw Ambitions

Hosted By: Ashley Matkovic

Special Editions Coming Soon

Join Fusion Biz Babes founder, Ash, as she interviews ambitious entrepreneurs and draws out their RAW stories of success and challenges.  Real life stories to LIFT you on the hard days, and FUEL you on the good days.

Boss Contributors

Wellness & Mindset

Elyssa Giedraitis


Elyssa Giedraitis is a blogger primarily writing on The Introvert Archive about all things health, lifestyle and what’s going on in the real world. She likes reading, exercise, her pets and not much else.


Hannah Moss


Hannah is a copywriter and blogger from Perth WA, with a professional background in project management and health system reform. She is currently enjoying writing about feminism, wine and other people’s businesses, while caring for two mini hell-raisers and a one-eyed mastiff called Stella. 


Connect with Hannah on FacebookInstagram or her website:

Marketing & Business

Melanie Tascone


Mel Tascone has been working in business communications and tribe-building for almost 20 years, embracing technologies and practices to simplify business processes and communications. Mel is passionate about helping Perth business owners to live the most balanced life as possible. Mel specialises in Social Media marketing in her business, Melt Social, and is also a yoga and stress management teacher and mother of three. 


Mel says “Life is a major juggling act especially in the business world so it’s important to stay true to your passions and to look after yourself” Mel is a self-proclaimed podcast junkie and ocean gazer.


Tracy O'Meara Smith


Tracy O’Meara Smith is a Holistic Therapist, working from her gorgeous garden clinic nestled within the Perth Hills. From a young child, you’d find Tracy making daisy chains in the far corner of her garden. If she’s not in her clinic, you’ll still see her spending time in her garden soaking up all the flowery vibes. 


Tracy uses a unique combination of natural therapies such as Bowen, ITA, Flower Essence and Mineral Therapy. Attuning to all aspects of any issue. Treating body, mind and spirit helping one move from a state of crisis, confusion or pain to a state of wholeness. 


Follow her on Instagram,  Facebook, or visit 


Rachel Boros


Rachel Boros is a Copywriter & Virtual Assistant based in Perth, WA. She mostly writes brilliant blogs, winning web copy & sophisticated social media posts, as well as offering proofreading & editing services. Outside of work, she’s usually found juggling two energetic children (while trying to look sophisticated on the school run) alongside positions on the committee of her local Book Club and Playgroup.


If there is any spare time after all that, she enjoys running or hiking, or drinking a good glass of Shiraz. Contact her at or

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